MacGuffin’s Curse wins Best Game Writing at Freeplay11

After an evening of high nerves and tension, broken by interludes of comedic catharsis, MacGuffin’s Curse took away the award for Best Game Writing at the Freeplay11 awards. Of all the awards on offer, the Best Game Writing award was the one we placed the highest value on. Not only because it’s something that rarely has its own award, which in itself is a shame, but because it’s the one area where Brawsome feels it can compete at the same level with other games, though on a much smaller scale than AAA titles.

The quality of writing is arguably one of the most subjective areas of games, which is especially true when you’re at the coalface knocking out words you hope people will enjoy. To some it is also one of the least necessary areas of game development, which is probably why it’s something that is rarely awarded in mainstream competitions, though this is thankfully changing.

Something that really makes us proud of this award is that MacGuffin’s Curse is a comedy, an area of writing that might not hold the same weight as a more serious drama or even action title. I would argue that comedy is the most difficult area to write in, which is especially so for games; on a broader level I see this as a win for comedy writing in games as a valid and worthwhile pursuit.

Now, as we’ve been told numerous times over the course of Freeplay11, we’ve really got to knuckle down and finish the thing!

Oh and I’ll just take this opportunity quickly to point out the facebook page for MacGuffin’s Cuse. Please show it some Like Love.

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