Ryan Grogan

Ryan Grogan has a large variety of experience in composition for film, television and advertising.  He has recently also begun compositions for games, having previously worked on the soundtrack for Tin Man Games’ Gamebook Adventure The Wizard of Tarnath Tor.

For MacGuffin’s Curse, Ryan created a variety of exciting tracks, ranging from acoustic gypsy rock to bellowing brass to bleak, muted noir.  His work has added a great deal of character to the medieval festival city of Feyre, and we simply could not be happier with his work.

Title Theme

Harvey’s Pawn Shop

Visit Ryan’s site, NAKED.
(That’s the name of the site, not an instruction.)

Russell Black

Russell Black is an avid sound tinkerer as well as a talented independent developer, whose iOS app Bebot has delighted both casual fans and dedicated musicians. Beneath Bebot’s whimsical surface lies a powerful, customizable synth.

For MacGuffin’s Curse, Russell rolled up his sleeves and arranged Ryan’s tracks using the Commodore 64 SID chip.  Such is his dedication that he insisted upon using the actual Commodore 64 hardware to reproduce the faithful sound, rather than merely settle for an emulated version.

And if you still don’t believe it, well, try the MacGuffin’s Curse Music Demo on your own Commodore 64! Get it here, copy it onto a Commodore 64 disk, and then run it!

Title Theme – SID Chiptune

Harvey’s Pawn Shop – SID Chiptune

Visit Russell’s site, Normalware

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