The Story So Far

A Cold Night

The night air chilled Lucas to the bone as he trudged through the mud to the Museum of Myths and Mysteries. Cold and miserable, he cursed as his luck had gone from bad to worse.

After infuriating the resident millionaire, Alphonse Connell, during one of Lucas’ magic shows, a new law was introduced mere hours later which prohibited performing arts of all kinds – leaving Lucas without a job.

He’d never forgotten the devious glint in his landlord’s eyes when he’d had to tell him he was too broke to pay the rent.

“I’m sure we can work something out,” Harvey had oozed.

Since then, Lucas was forced to perform petty theft at a moment’s notice for Harvey, or else face eviction. And he couldn’t have that. Not with Gran and Ruby to look after.

What did Harvey want this time? “The Lupine Twine Amulet,” he’d said.
“Exhibit opens tomorrow, I want it now. Just get in, get it, and get out. Got it?”

Despite the fact that Lucas was going to break into a heavily guarded museum tonight, he felt really good. Like… like things were really going to change for him tonight.

He rubbed his hands together in a vain effort to fight off the cold for a little longer, and prepared to hoist himself over the Museum’s fence.

Continue the story on April 19 in MacGuffin’s Curse!


Meet The Cast

Lucas MacGuffin

Ex-magician, current thief, and soon to experience the equivalent of a second round of puberty (only with more claws and teeth), Lucas is a doting dad who’s constantly broke due to his landlord holding him to ransom.

P.I. Strump

Strump is like his coffee – dark, bitter, and full of cholesterol. He’ll give Lucas snappy hints via his walkie-talkie, but he’s using it to keep an eye on him too.

Alphonse Connell

The resident millionaire, Alphonse’s greatest joy is the misery of others. He’s also bought up the entire city, which he keeps under constant surveillance (for fun).

Judy Grundy

After Alphonse bought up the paper she was working at, the diligent Judy started her own, to expose him for the menace he is! But…she’s a little short on material. As in, she doesn’t have any.

Harvey Filks

Rumour has it that Harvey sold his own Gran to get his dump of a pawn shop. Only kidding!

It’s not a rumour.

Ruby MacGuffin

Lucas’ adorable daughter is easily excitable, and loves puppies and her dad.  She’s about to get more excited than usual.

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