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Return to Oz

Been back in Australia since about August, after finishing up on Apple’s first AR app – Measure. You’ll find it in the iOS 12 update, if you’re so inclined to keep up with the latest Apple devices and succumb to … finish reading Return to Oz

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PAX AU Indie Showcase

Looks like Ben and I will be going to the inaugural PAX Australia. On account of MacGuffin’s Curse being selected to be in the Australian Indie Showcase. This will be Brawsome’s 3rd PAX, 2nd time exhibiting at PAX, and 1st … finish reading PAX AU Indie Showcase

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Quest for Glory

So, the meep is finally out of the ground and I can talk about the fact that I’ve been working with a couple of real-life heroes of mine – Corey and Lori Cole! You may remember Corey and Lori from … finish reading Quest for Glory

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Indie dev email #1

From time to time I get emails from indie developers, students mostly, just starting out all bright eyed and optimistic. I still remember what it was like to be those, mostly. When responding I find myself going over the same … finish reading Indie dev email #1

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MacGuffin’s Curse Launch!

In the wee hours of this morning, Ben and Alastair put the icing on the new MacGuffin’s Curse Official website, which is the culmination of this long labour of love. Not only that, but we let a new trailer drop … finish reading MacGuffin’s Curse Launch!

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Press Start to Play

With GDC fast approaching we’ve been hard at work sending out emails to all press, great and small, to entice them into taking an interest in MacGuffin’s Curse, and possibly writing an article, interview, preview or review. Marketing and PR … finish reading Press Start to Play

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I’m Awesome At This Game!

One of the things I learned early on during my game developer career is that it’s always important to reward your player. I’m not just talking about things you’d expect, such as unlockable content, finding new items that help you … finish reading I’m Awesome At This Game!

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Confessions of an indie game developer

It can be easy to work all hours every day with total disregard for your health, especially when you’re working on something you love and more so when you work from home, but this can be detrimental to both you … finish reading Confessions of an indie game developer

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Quality Feedback

We’re at a stage in MacGuffin’s Curse where we’re starting to take down some of the scaffolding to reveal our work in progress, so we’re starting to get some feedback. There are many types of feedback and the difference between … finish reading Quality Feedback

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Vertical Slice

In game development, a vertical slice refers to a portion of the game that can be considered representative of the final game. I like to think of it as a cross section of a piece of cake, a “vertical slice” … finish reading Vertical Slice

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