Emerald City Confidential

Emerald City Confidential is a point n click adventure game set in L. Frank Baum’s land of Oz with a Noir spin. You play as Petra, a young PI out to rid the city of corruption, find her brother and hopefully make some money in the process.

  • Over 50 beautiful and detailed environments to explore
  • Full voiceover – 36 characters and over 6,000 lines of spoken dialogue

Emerald City Confidential is Brawsome’s first major project and was started slightly before the forming of the company. Brawsome was hired by Wadjet Eye Games to provide all game content programming services, working with the inspirational Dave Gilbert as designer and brilliant Dan Filner as Engine programmer. Emerald City Confidential is being published by PlayFirst.

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Q. Is this a casual game or an adventure game?
Well, imagine if casual games and adventure games met and fell in love. 9 months later you have a new game, that game is Emerald City Confidential.

Q. As a hard core adventure gamer, am I going to find this too game easy?
A lot of effort went into making the adventure game genre easier to get into for a newcomer, and the game includes its own hint book, which the player is free to ignore. For the most part the game contains logic puzzles involving inventory and dialog as you would expect in any adventure game, though the hints for solving these puzzles may seem obvious to the seasoned adventure gamer.

Q. As a casual gamer, am I going to find this game too challenging?
Casual games have been looked at very closely from a usability perspective and the adventure game mechanic has been updated as a result. Also, there’s no way to get stuck in the game as the game comes with its own built in hint book that you find early on in the game.

Q. How long does it take to complete the game?
It’s possible to rush though the game, ignoring most of the dialog and side tasks and complete it in a few hours. But to take time to appreciate the game fully would take between 4 and 8 hours. Which is better value than you’d find in any movie.

Q. As a parent, would this game be suitable for my children?
A lot of the humor and nior references were written for an older audience, but there are still many things in the game for children to enjoy. There is certainly nothing offensive in the game and your childs enjoyment will depend mostly on what they’re into this hour of the day.

Q. I loved the Wizard of Oz movie, will I like this?
Yes you will, however this game is based off the books by L. Frank Baum so you will experience many more characters not present on in the movie, and may find the representations of the characters you’re used to have changed.

Q. What does the L. stand for in L. Frank Baum?
It stands for Lyman, I guess just writing the initial was the cool thing to do at the time.