Warp Frontier Characters

Vincent Cassini (Kevin Powe)
Captain in the Cetus Orbital Police, an organisation he founded when returning the orbit of his ruined planet after the Cetan war. Vince battles PTSD, alcoholism and a mid-life crisis, as he searches for those he lost during the war, alongside thousands of other unexplained disappearances, while trying to be there for his kids and the refugees of Cetus, now living in The Rust, Cetus’ makeshift orbital community.

MAC (Andrew Goulding)
A Machine Assisted Controller assigned to Vince due to his refusal to be implanted with a neural chip that connects him with the net. MACs are typically assigned to the elderly, and those that refuse to be chipped. MACs do not contain true Artificial General Intelligence, as this technology was outlawed during Earth’s devastating Reset. MAC and Vince often clash on issues of protocol, and Vince suspects MAC is doing more than just assisting him in his duties.

Patricia Cassini (Aimee Smith), nee Tran
‘Trish’ and Vince were drawn together from the loss of their respective partners during the war, and had two boys, Sam and Ferdinand. Trish’s first husband, Titus, went missing when their daughter, Dahlia, was still a baby. Trish lives in The Rust with her kids, and the rest of Cetus’ poorer refugees. Is her relationship with Vince truly over? Neither one of them will say it out loud.

Barbara Morgan (Sarah Thomas)
Founded the Cetus Orbital Police with Vince, from the ashes of the Cetan war, and keeps the operation running at the department. Barb balances politics and red tape from Cetus’ central government, now that the central division of law enforcement has moved to the shiny new Rim City, leaving the original headquarters in The Rust underfunded and understaffed, in an increasingly underrepresented community. Barb and Vince’s once easy relationship has been marred by his resistance to protocol coming from ‘Central’.

Areela Gupta (Reshma Martin)
Lives in the bohemian enclave of an abandoned asteroid mine in Cetus’ ring. ‘The Rocks’, is home to pirates, smugglers, artists, at the fringes of society. Fleeing a comfortable life, Areela pursues her art in the Rocks, and experiments with genetic modifications to her body, as well as ballistic art using asteroids as her canvas, which is where she stumbles across the startling evidence of a horrendous war crime.

Dahlia Tran (Angela Tran)
Trish’s oldest daughter to her first husband, Titus. Dahlia was born on Cetus, but has spent most of her life in The Rust, growing up playing in the cobbled-together containers and ships that comprise her orbital home. Dahlia is on the verge of her 13th birthday, in Cetan years, and is starting to test the boundaries of her childhood.

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