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Warp Frontier launching in Chinese and German

Happy New Year from Brawsome! Backup your hard drives! This post is going to haunt you later if you don’t. I’ve been working on some text translations for Warp Frontier, with the first, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, launching for the … finish reading Warp Frontier launching in Chinese and German

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Not dead, just resting

Hey, I remembered the password for this blog! First! MacGuffin’s Curse is on sale, for 50% off, for first time in what’s got to be over a year. I try not to have the game on sale too often, but … finish reading Not dead, just resting

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Halloween and Hero-U

If you’re coming here for the first time, or the first time in a while. Hey, how’s it going? I suppose I’d better mention again that I’m working with the legendary Quest for Glory creators on a new project Hero-U. … finish reading Halloween and Hero-U

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Be a Brawsome V.I.P. at PAX!

It’s been a while since the last update, partly because the news I DO have I can’t talk about yet, and partly because I don’t have any new news I CAN talk about. Until now! You may have deduced from … finish reading Be a Brawsome V.I.P. at PAX!

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