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Jolly Rover boarding the Mac App Store!

I tell you, people have been hounding (oh mercy) me about this for months! So a few weeks ago after getting back from GDC I began the journey of getting Jolly Rover on the Mac App Store, and lo and … finish reading Jolly Rover boarding the Mac App Store!

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Goodbye 800×600

Jolly Rover was developed at 800×600 resolution, which was to ensure maximum compatibility with systems on PC and Mac. Moving onto MacGuffin’s Curse I thought it made sense to support this resolution as well, but we’re currently maintaining 4 resolutions … finish reading Goodbye 800×600

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Tools vs Development

It’s no doubt that good tools can help the game development process. This is why we chose Unity, this is why we bought Sprite Manager 2, EZ GUI, and EZ Game Saver, because we wanted to have good tools to … finish reading Tools vs Development

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DIY Press

Well, what do you know! DIY Gamer, from the media we met during GDC, has done a short writeup on MacGuffin’s Curse! Unfortunately their site seems to be having a bit of technical trouble, so here’s some nice quotes tracked … finish reading DIY Press

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Gameplay – A Game’s DNA

We’ve gotten back into the swing of things after our trip from GDC, and it has been a busy but productive week. Just take a look at the image below, which, as I’m sure you know, is a work in … finish reading Gameplay – A Game’s DNA

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Understanding Tiles

Back from GDC! However, as is typical when you get back from a trip, work didn’t really start happening until Thursday, when we had a meeting about art style, or more specifically, animation, tilesets, and our plans for cutscenes. Seeing … finish reading Understanding Tiles

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Oh, What a Weekend

Well, GDC has finished for the week, sending our collective marble back to the apartment for an exciting weekend involving high fructose corn syrup and clam chowder. We certainly can’t argue that it wasn’t productive. Well, we can, but I … finish reading Oh, What a Weekend

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