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Not dead, just resting

Hey, I remembered the password for this blog! First! MacGuffin’s Curse is on sale, for 50% off, for first time in what’s got to be over a year. I try not to have the game on sale too often, but … finish reading Not dead, just resting

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MacGuffin’s Curse and Jolly Rover drop DRM

Yes, I know Jolly Rover has been available DRM Free on Desura since the hugely successful Indie Royale Bundle, but the big news is that MacGuffin’s Curse is also coming out with a DRM Free version! And that’s not all! … finish reading MacGuffin’s Curse and Jolly Rover drop DRM

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Indie dev email #1

From time to time I get emails from indie developers, students mostly, just starting out all bright eyed and optimistic. I still remember what it was like to be those, mostly. When responding I find myself going over the same … finish reading Indie dev email #1

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Midweek Madness!

Good morning! I just logged into Steam to check out a fix I finally made for Jolly Rover on Lion (cats and dogs, eh), and the Midweek Madness image popped up with a very familiar looking parrot heading the sale! … finish reading Midweek Madness!

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3D Rover

Check out this awesome Jolly Rover fanart, in 3D! I never thought Jolly Rover would look that great in 3D, which is why I made the artistic choice to do it in 2D, but as they say, a picture is … finish reading 3D Rover

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Jolly Rover in Indie Royale Bundle

Even now, nearly two years after release, I’m so happy to still be able to announce new things for Jolly Rover. First and foremost, is it’s in the latest Indie Royale Bundle (PC/Mac), which is St Patrick’s Day themed. I … finish reading Jolly Rover in Indie Royale Bundle

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Brawsome’s mega-GDC 2012 experience

Holy crap, I haven’t posted on this thing in ages! I’m sorry. But working 60+ hour weeks to get MacGuffin done and hold down my other contract work and trying to do the family thing has stretched my time a … finish reading Brawsome’s mega-GDC 2012 experience

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Dead Men Tell No Sales

It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day again! You may be wondering why I’m not writing this in pirate lingo – well, it says nothing about WRITING. But let’s celebrate anyway! Effective immediately, Jolly Rover is now available at the … finish reading Dead Men Tell No Sales

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I’ve Got a Summer Ticket

Oh yes, we kind of had to keep this quiet until it was official, but you can earn yourself a Steam Summer Sale Prize Ticket with Jolly Rover! So if there wasn’t enough of a reason for you to give … finish reading I’ve Got a Summer Ticket

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Summer Sale (in Winter)

It’s that time of year again! Steam is having a craaaazeee sale, meaning that bargains are to be had. Lucky it’s online and not a physical store, otherwise you’d be getting those terrible situations where people get crushed to death … finish reading Summer Sale (in Winter)

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