About Brawsome

Brawsome is an independent game developer based in Melbourne, Australia, specialising in humorous and accessible non-action games.

Founded by Andrew Goulding in 2008, Brawsome has quickly developed a strong reputation for bringing the spirit of classic point-and-click adventure games to a modern audience.

In 2010 they found international acclaim with Jolly Rover – declared “Best Australian Game” at the Freeplay Awards – earning strong reviews and international retail distribution across five languages. (Why not download the demo on Steam now for PC or Mac to see what all the fuss is about?)

In 2012 Brawsome again found recognition by winning Best Game Writing for the werewolf puzzle adventure MacGuffin’s Curse, which was also featured in the inaugural PAX10 indie showcase.

After a four year pause in development, Brawsome returned to the stage in 2021 with it’s Aussie sci-fi cop drama Warp Frontier.

About Andrew Goulding

Andrew Goulding is an Australian game developer and founder of Brawsome. Andrew has been a professional game developer since 2002, and also spent 2 years developing radar and communications simulation software for the defence force.

He founded Brawsome in 2008 with the intention of creating original games, with a focus on point ‘n’ click adventure and unique, simple game mechanics that are easily accessible.

Andrew calls Australia home, but also spent a year in the UK working for Codemasters, and four years in the US working for Amazon Game Studios and Apple.

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