Warp Frontier Linux and Mac coming November 2nd, 2021

MAC on a Mac!

The Warp Frontier Linux and Mac versions now exist, and the process was mostly smooth! I plan on releasing them on Steam and GOG on November 2nd, 2021. The reason they are coming behind the PC version is because updates take time, and only releasing on a limited set of platforms meant maximising time spent on iterating in the lead up to the game’s release. Most of the core team had finished with the game around May, so I’ve been back to being a one man band for the last five months.

If you currently own a copy of Warp Frontier on Steam or GOG you can try out the Linux and Mac versions right now! They’re in a branch protected by the password massivekrill.

What’s this about branches? Are we talking about trees now? Well, kinda, here’s a way to access it.


1. Navigate to the Properties of Warp Frontier in your library.

Wow! Someone enjoys this game. What a narcissist.

2. Go to the BETAS section and enter the password massivekrill.

3. alphatest – Platform Testing should be the selected branch. Select it if not. You can always select None to return to the main branch.


1. Navigate to the Configure options for Warp Frontier.

2. Select Beta channels and Change private channel password.

3. Enter the password massivekrill.

4. Platform Testing should now be selected in the Beta channels. You can always select Disabled to return to the main branch. Note that this will not work on Windows, because the branches are only on Mac and Linux. There is no GOG Galaxy client for Linux yet, so I’m not sure how you’d go about getting the beta build via GOG for Linux.

If you discover any issues please reach out via contact at brawsome dot com dot au. I am trying to determine the lowest spec machine this runs on. If you think you’ve got the lowest spec it runs on, please let me know!

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Melbourne International Game Week 2021

In a hurry? Well, okay then. Warp Frontier is currently being featured alongside many other cool local developers in the Melbourne International Games Week Steam festival!

Now with added sci-fi cop drama!

Still here? Okay, let’s chat.

I’m usually pretty bad at timing. Jolly Rover released right at the same time the Monkey Island series was getting a big re-release, and Telltale were doing a set of sequels. I had planned Jolly Rover for years before that, but just when I got the opportunity to develop it and release it’s like all the genre-defining pirate adventures jumped on it and said “No!”. Or, “Nay! Ye scurvy dog!”

MacGuffin’s Curse was a bit better, no werewolf puzzle adventures on the horizon, no Teen Wolf revival. No magician-thief inspired games. I don’t know where I’m going with this. I suppose it was an okay time to release it.

Warp Frontier was pandemic, pandemic, pandemic. No opportunities to chat with people about it at GDC, or PAX, or anywhere really, so when I found out that it was being considered for a festival during Melbourne International Games Week, I could hardly believe it! Even better that it was happening right on the launch weekend! Please head on over to Steam to check out some of the best new Australian games on offer, plus demos, discounts, talks and streams!

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Interview with The Adventure Games Podcast

I had a nice chat with Seoirse from The Adventure Games Podcast last week ahead of Warp Frontier’s release this week.

We managed to cover a surprising amount of ground in 90 minutes, from accents, growing up, my motivations around making games, and through pretty much the entire history of Brawsome up to this point.

I think this is the most comprehensive summary of the life of Brawsome to date, and without any planning I think it ended up as a fairly good yarn. As the game releases tomorrow in some places, and the day after in others, I’m hoping to stay busy enough to fend off the dreaded post-release blues.

It’s going to be a busy week! I think after releasing two indie games I know how to temper my expectations enough to be realistic and celebrate small wins. We’ll just take it one sale at a time.

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Warp Frontier Soundtrack

I find myself in the calm before the storm. Having set some time aside for the inevitable fires that flare up when nearing a game’s release. While some fires have indeed been fought, I found myself staring at a perpexingly complete TODO list, which lead to the rare problem of having a moment to spare.

The moment was quickly forgotten as my brain rapidly unpacked tasks from the mental box that says “break in case of moment to spare”, and I set about some long overdue housekeeping tasks I had been putting off. Such as updating Brawsome’s About page to mention that Brawsome is not currently working on MacGuffin’s Curse, which shipped nearly 10 years ago.

“Remember to return Jurassic Park to Blockbuster…”

Then an idea fell out that had been sorted in to the category of “Yeah right! I won’t have time for that before release!”, which was to prepare an Original Soundtrack (or OST, for the cool kids) for Warp Frontier. Thomas Regin composed some wonderful tracks for the game which were inspired by The Expanse, The Dig and The Terminator, for the sense of an 80’s sci-fi movie that doesn’t quite fit into any particular subgenre.

Cue the THX sound of rising panic

That soundtrack now has its own page on Steam, and will be finding its way to GOG also.

As an added bonus, I spent some time investigating how to get it onto streaming servces like Spotify, and landed on a distribution service called DistroKid, which will now be distributing not only the Warp Frontier OST, but the MacGuffin’s Curse OST as well. I’m not expecting to make money from it, but that’s not to say I’d slap a check out of their hands it if came this way.

Aaah, the smell of a freshly ripped disc.
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Warp Frontier Releasing September 28th, 2021!

It’s finally happening! Three years after my return to Australia from the US, Brawsome is releasing its next game – Warp Frontier!

Warp Frontier is a fully voiced 2D sci-fi point and click adventure, in HD resolution, coming to screens the 28th of September, 2021, on Steam, GOG and Switch for US$14.99. Initial PC release will be Windows, with MAC and Linux versions to follow.

The ship is Vince’s home away from home

Warp Frontier is a sci-fi cop drama, set in the year 2215, in orbit around Cetus, humanity’s newest extrasolar colony, but at its core is an Australian story, with many parallels with Australia’s short history. You play Vincent Cassini, supported by his robot partner, MAC, as they become embroiled in an investigation into a horrendous war crime, in which Vince has a personal stake, from the war that environmentally devastated their planet. Vince is on the verge of a mid-life crisis, dealing with PTSD, alcoholism and survivors’ guilt, but must keep it together for those that rely on him, his family, the refugees of Cetus and the thousands that went missing during the war.

The journey down to the flooded Cetus

Warp Frontier contains many choices that result in branching pathways, leading to characters opening up, or closing off, the life or death of key characters, and the lives of thousands of innocent civilians. The final scene has around 16 permutations of resolution, from choices made as early as the first few scenes. Players can expect an initial playtime of 6-8 hours, but will need at least 3 playthroughs to experience all content.

Warp Frontier was inspired by hard sci-fi, such as the novels of Alistair Reynolds, and the writings of Ray Kurzweil, as well as the TV series’ The Expanse, and Altered Carbon. It’s set in a what-if universe, where a singularity event in 2050 nearly wiped-out humanity, resulting in the outlawing of Artificial General Intelligence, and replicators. The game-changing Warp technology, made possible by the discovery of a rare element, has allowed a handful of new human colonies to establish in the far-reaches of the galaxy. Over time, branches of humanity have grown apart, separated by distance and environmental factors, to call into question what defines humanity, coupled with technology that cheats death, and challenges the concept of a soul.

Few patches of dry land remain on Cetus

Development of Warp Frontier has been a manic series of highs and lows, but determination and a healthy dose of naive optimism have brought the idea from a dog-eared notepad to big and small screens (considering big to be a TV. A big TV). Though Brawsome’s previous titles are all crafted as very personal projects, Warp Frontier hits particularly close to home, being my first quintessentially Australian offering, drawing on my experiences growing up in multicultural Australia as a child of immigrant parents, as well as my first outing in voice acting (MAC), and also my boys first voice acting experience (Sam, Ferdinand).

Cetus’ ring has become home to artists, and outcasts

The entire game was developed remotely, mostly during the pandemic. None of the team members were able to meet in person during development. Brawsome again teamed up with Matt Martin (MacGuffin’s Curse, Jolly Rover) on art, to work in Matt’s preferred photo-realistic style. Thomas Regin (Unavowed) provided an 80’s sci-fi inspired score, and newcomer Michelle Doherty handled the skeletal 2D animation. Brawsome was also fortunate enough to work with veteran Aussie voice actors Kevin Powe (Vince), Aimee Smith (Trish, Julie, Ship) and Angela Tran (Dahlia, Jet, Sok), as well as veteran and new actors from New Zealand, the US, UK and Serbia.

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Warp Frontier Voice Actor Spotlight

Aimee Smith as Juliet Cassini

Next up in the Warp Frontier Voice Actor spotlights is Aimee Smith!

Aimee plays Juliet Cassini. Fierce leader in the war resistance, but whose whereabouts have been a mystery for the last 10 years. Vince never gave up looking for her.

Juliet is a mystery character we hear bits and pieces of throughout the game. I’m purposefully keeping her look vague here to avoid spoilers!

This is the final voice actor spotlight for Warp Frontier. Does it feel like there have been a lot? There have been a lot! You can revisit all 24 of them here.

I probably underestimated the effort required to get all of these done and post about them, like I do with most things, but I’m happy with the result, and I hope people found them interesting.

As this marks the end of the voice actor spotlights, the next adventure is getting some testers into the game, which I’ll start collating next week, but hit me up if you’re interested and can dedicate some time to the game.

Warp Frontier is available to wishlist now on Steam!

#voiceactor #PointAndClick #IndieGameDev

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Warp Frontier Voice Actor Spotlight

Lazar Djukić as Stepan Kuznetsov

Next up in the Warp Frontier Voice Actor spotlights is Lazar Djukić!

Lazar plays Denko Novak. Veteran of the Cetan war, serving as the General Kuznetsov’s personal security.

Lazar has great energy, and had to tone it down a little for Denko. Lazar seems like the kind of actor that I would have been able to cast on Jolly Rover. Maybe there are more roles for him in future! Lazar took on 4 roles in Warp Frontier, but I’m only showcasing two of them here. In the game this voice is processed through a helmet radio, so this is probably the only ‘clean’ version you’ll hear.

Warp Frontier is available to wishlist now on Steam!#

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Warp Frontier Voice Actor Spotlight

Angela Tran as Sok

Next up in the Warp Frontier Voice Actor spotlights is Angela Tran!

Angela plays Sok. A street kid from the Rust, their home planet’s orbital slum. Sok puts on a tough front, but will lose his cool in the face of a real threat.

This is Angela’s third and final spotlight, though she voiced a computer as well, there wasn’t enough lines to warrant another. Behind Vince and MAC, Angela had the third-most lines in the game, which makes her a pretty major part of Warp Frontier. I hope this isn’t the the project I get to work with here on!

Warp Frontier is available to wishlist now on Steam!#

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Warp Frontier Voice Actor Spotlight

James Goulding as Ferdinand Cassini

Next up in the Warp Frontier Voice Actor spotlights is James Goulding!

James, my youngest son, plays Ferdinand. Vince and Trish’s youngest boy, Ferdinand has spent his entire life in orbit, and relies on his brother Sam for support and guidance.

James was 6 at the time of recording, and was surprisingly natural and took direction very well. He was great at projecting, as 6 year olds seem to be constantly projecting. The only issue I had was getting him to face the microphone. He would say his lines then look at me right at the last word. To solve this I put a lego person behind the mic and had him say all his lines to it, which worked perfectly.

Warp Frontier is available to wishlist now on Steam!

#voiceactor #PointAndClick #IndieGameDev

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Warp Frontier Voice Actor Spotlight

Xuân Vinh Huynh as Hebo

Next up in the Warp Frontier Voice Actor spotlights is Xuân Vinh Huynh!

Xuan plays Hebo. A street kid from the Rust, their home planet’s orbital slum. Hebo’s a tough risk taker, as long as his parents don’t find out about his actions.

Xuan’s line delivery was one of the few instances where I didn’t have to ask for any retakes. We were both surprised! It also helps that Xuan knows a thing or two about audio and I didn’t have to mess with his audio files at all, bar a slight tweak to levels. If you want a hassle free voice actor Xuan’s your guy.

Warp Frontier is available to wishlist now on Steam!#

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