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Not dead, just resting

Hey, I remembered the password for this blog! First! MacGuffin’s Curse is on sale, for 50% off, for first time in what’s got to be over a year. I try not to have the game on sale too often, but … finish reading Not dead, just resting

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PAX AU Indie Showcase

Looks like Ben and I will be going to the inaugural PAX Australia. On account of MacGuffin’s Curse being selected to be in the Australian Indie Showcase. This will be Brawsome’s 3rd PAX, 2nd time exhibiting at PAX, and 1st … finish reading PAX AU Indie Showcase

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Halloween and Hero-U

If you’re coming here for the first time, or the first time in a while. Hey, how’s it going? I suppose I’d better mention again that I’m working with the legendary Quest for Glory creators on a new project Hero-U. … finish reading Halloween and Hero-U

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Quest for Glory

So, the meep is finally out of the ground and I can talk about the fact that I’ve been working with a couple of real-life heroes of mine – Corey and Lori Cole! You may remember Corey and Lori from … finish reading Quest for Glory

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Be a Brawsome V.I.P. at PAX!

It’s been a while since the last update, partly because the news I DO have I can’t talk about yet, and partly because I don’t have any new news I CAN talk about. Until now! You may have deduced from … finish reading Be a Brawsome V.I.P. at PAX!

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MacGuffin’s Curse Treasury!

What horrors await you in Alphonse’s Treasury? Find out in this free update for MacGuffin’s Curse, which is on sale for 50% off today only! You might have thought Alphonse was an egotistical homicidal megalomaniac before, but nothing thus far … finish reading MacGuffin’s Curse Treasury!

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MacGuffin’s Mystery #5

Aaand… another piece. Where’s the big announcement? And is there a version of this in color? Without all those tears? Will it be tomorrow? Next week? Next month? This side of the singularity? How will we ever find out? Maybe … finish reading MacGuffin’s Mystery #5

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MacGuffin’s Mystery #4

Have you put the pieces together yet? Looks like something is coming, right? Could it be a limited offer? Something you might miss out on if you weren’t quick? Better like that facebook page, just to be on the safe … finish reading MacGuffin’s Mystery #4

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MacGuffin’s Mystery #3

Is it an update? A sale? When? You could just keep refreshing this page every hour, or you could Like the facebook page so you don’t miss out! But in case you need a reminder to keep hitting refresh, maybe … finish reading MacGuffin’s Mystery #3

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MacGuffin’s Mystery #2

Looks like something fancy. Is that the focus of Lucas’ ire? Or is it something in this new wallpaper?

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