Warp Frontier FAQ

Q. When is it coming out?
It’s out now!

Q. What platforms is it releasing on?
PC via Steam and GOG.
Switch via the Nintendo eStore.
Check out the Buy page for details.

Q. Will there be a Mac or Linux version?
Coming November 16th, 2021.

Q. Will it be available for mobile?
No. Discoverability on mobile is an issue, as well as pricing compared to PC and console/handheld releases. The design did not cater for mobile.

Q. Will it be available for consoles other than Switch?
Probably not. The Switch is a unique platform, and perfect for point and click adventures. The other consoles are not ideal for this type of game. Change my mind!

Q. Is there a demo?
There is a demo available for the Switch. For PC, Steam provides a way to return the game if you play it for less than 2 hours.

Q. How long is it?
My speed-testing run takes about 4 hours. Expect 6-8 hours, assuming not skipping dialogue, and depending on how often you use hints.

Q. How many endings are there?
There are at least 16 permutations of how the game can be resolved in the final scene, plus there are several key characters that can survive, or not, in addition to thousands of lives saved, or not. The opinion of most of the characters you interact with contribute to large and small changes in the game. It would take several playthrough’s to experience all game content.

Q. Will the game support languages other than English?
Language support has been built into the game. Currently discussing a few options with select translators.