“Hello Chaps! James Rover, at your service!”

Born to the son of the famous clown “Jolly Rover”, Gaius Rover grew up around the theatre and actors. Gaius, meaning ‘jolly’, was named after Rome’s most famous leader – Gaius Julius Cesar, though young Gaius was quickly given to using his middle name – James, as his preferred name. While his father was a clown, he was also an actor and scholar and dreamed of one day creating what he called a ‘circus’ after great Roman circus’s, which would travel from town to town, entertaining people all over the world.

Following the tragically comedic death of his father, from a blow to the groin from an improperly loaded joke cannon, Gaius went to live with his uncle on his sugar plantation on a small Caribbean island. His uncle, a retired Navy Colonel was unsuccessfully trying to get into the rum trade. One day, while practicing a particularly tricky juggling move, Gaius accidentally spoiled a batch of rum by letting tobacco fall into the barrel. His uncle was furious, and sold the rum to a nearby tavern for a pittance. The tavern owner a week later, excitedly came back looking for more. “Another batch of ‘Jolly Rover’?”, Gaius said, and an icon was born.

“Batter the hatchlings!!”

Rumoured to have visited the fountain of youth, this peculiar, pocket-sized parrot is an ancient fountain of knowledge. Unfocused, erratic, and at times insulting, Juan is always able to provide clues to the problem at hand. Assuming you’re able to keep him in crackers, which give him rare moments of clarity, Juan can help you through the most complex conundrums and perplexing puzzles.

“Well buckle me swash and call me Silver!”

Commanding the respect of the crew by keeping them in rum and loot; Howell swaggers with casual authority, speaks as one always on the verge of delivering a punch line, and never sails with any he hasn’t gotten drunk with!

A pirate through and through, Captain Howell always knows which side he’s on – Howell’s.

(For Captain Howell’s full Bio, find all Flags in Act 1 of Jolly Rover)

“I have to make arrangements… for your reward, meet me down by the docks tonight.”

Brother to the notorious pirate Captain Silvereye, Guy DeSilver made his name as a ruthless pirate hunter in the Kings navy.

After the mysterious disappearance of his brother, DeSilver made the surprising decision to take up the post as Governor on Groggy Island, a small backwater and haven for pirates.

While maintaining a show of keeping order in the region, DeSilver controls the trade of blackmarket items brought in by the pirates. But even this is just a front for more sinister dealings.