Warp Frontier Press

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In total, Warp Frontier was an unexpected surprise. This well-written, well-designed point-and-click adventure please genre fans and — perhaps — might even entice a few newcomers to try this storied genre.”
– Game Critics

“Warp Frontier is an intriguing, impressive game. It’s got all the pieces of a classic point-and-click adventure, with a few neat twists on that formula and a neat hint system in case you get stuck. Through that, it weaves a gripping science-fiction tale, blending noir and dystopian influences through an excellent, uniquely Australian script backed by equally strong voice performances.”
– Shindig

“The game is probably the best of the genre that I have personally played this year, worthy of inclusion in any point-and-click fan’s library as well as a great jumping off point for those wanting to experience what the genre has to offer.”
– Save Or Quit

“… it tells a meaningful tale set in a believable future, thoroughly fleshed out and populated by diverse, empathetic characters. Instead of presenting easy answers, it explores difficult questions, buoyed by heart and good humour and mixed through with challenging puzzles. That’s a difficult line to tread, and the result is a memorable, occasionally frustrating, but thought-provoking experience. If you’re looking for some serious sci-fi, chewy puzzles, or just something a little different, I can definitely recommend diving into Warp Frontier.”
– Adventure Gamers

“…it’s the benchmark for user interfaces on consoles – especially the Switch. Warp Frontier feels very polished, has decent voice acting, and a story opens up the more you dive.”
– Vulgar Knight

“Warp Frontier dangles so many threads throughout that it can be difficult to see where we’re going. But once those threads are woven together it’s an exciting mystery adventure with a complicated protagonist, one who I could travel with again.”
– Yak Wax Lips

“Warp Frontier has become a very enjoyable little sci-fi with long playing time and multiple replay rates. Its biggest positives include the gradual structure of the story, the help system, logical puzzles, and decision options.”
– AG.hu

Steam Curators

“An excellent Sci-FI P&C that gets the genre right. Great worldbuilding combined with fantastic attention to detail makes this a must buy to any fan of games like Beneath a Steel Sky & Neofeud.”
– Coalition of Point & Clickers