Gamezebo (4.5/5)

“… solid gameplay, hilarious writing, and gorgeous visuals”.

JustAdventure (B+)

“Jolly Rover, is a charming, at times challenging and even (for a casual game) fairly long adventurous cartoon romp o’er the 19th century’s bounding main in the great tradition of The Secret of Monkey Island.”

Gameboomers (B+)

“A colorful piratical adventure with cartoon style graphics in which all the main characters are dogs. Comical dialog, absurd situations. Excellent voiceovers. A satisfying ending.”

Gamer Vision (8.25/10)

“… it’s hard not to recommend Jolly Rover to any fan of adventure games, especially those who remember the LucasArts games of the 1990s fondly.”

Explicit Gamer (8.1/10)

“… there is one other major similarity it does share with the Monkey Island series: it’s very, very funny.”

PALGN (8/10)

“Jolly Rover is a charming and highly amusing romp that’s pretty much a must for any self-respecting adventure gaming fan.”

Cheat Code Central (4/5)

“If there is one area where Jolly Rover truly shines, it is the quality of its voice acting and script. To say it is over-the-top would be an understatement.”

CaptainD (8/10)

“Jolly Rover is a beautifully made game and has humour aplenty.”

Indie Gamer Rrview (4/5)

“Jolly Rover presents well, and can be genuinely amusing.”

Good Game (15.5/20)

“… I was finding myself really amused and having a good amount of fun with this.”

AusGamers (7.7/10)

“the games puzzles are well thought out and implemented, progression is satisfying, there is little backtracking and clever touches…”

PC Gamezone (7.5/10)

“With the witty banter, humorous storyline, and excellent cast of characters, Jolly Rover manages to create an identity of its own.”

GameSpot (7.5/10)

“…a highly enjoyable 2D point-and-click adventure, one that successfully marries a great cast of characters with an engaging story and generally satisfying puzzles.”

Game Shark (B)

“Ultimately, Jolly Rover is a funny, well made adventure game.”

Adventure Gamers (3.5/5)

“…humor is strong, with a dash of pathos for depth: unfulfilled clown dreams, voodoo priests clamoring for your soul, cannibals that want to eat or marry you, what more can you ask for?”

MX Newspaper (Australia) (3/5)

“Jolly Rover transports us back to the nostalgic era of point and click adventure games and focuses less on glorious bells and whistles and more on a beautiful storyline, lovable characters and simple puzzles that are challenging for all ages.”

Jay Is Games

“… Jolly Rover is a solidly enjoyable adventure with a lot of charm that can easily suck up an afternoon or two. It’s silly, it’s quirky, and it’s carried along by some great design and, on the whole, some very good voice acting. Fans of the genre will find a lot to like and little to quibble over, making Jolly Rover a fun addition to your library of games.”

Indie Games Channel

“Adventure game fans, can look forward to an enjoyable story with some memorable characters and artwork, a polished interface, and even some cool unlockables, like new music tracks and concept art. In short, if Jolly Rover doesn’t scratch your adventure-gaming itch, you may need a flea coller.”

DIY Gamer

“With some hilarious, fully-voiced dialogue, unique puzzle ideas and enough collectables to keep both casual and veteran adventurers happy, Jolly Rover comes as a bolt from the deep blue to deliver quality point-and-click gaming which is well worthy of your time.”

2 girls 1 game Podcast

“…it’s become one of my favourite adventure games… I really enjoyed it”

2 girls 1 game Review

“While Jolly Rover has been compared to Monkey Island and both the humor and pirate setting make it obvious as to why, it’s very much its own experience and in no way does it feel like a “clone” of any other game. There’s no cheap imitation to be found here, as everything from the artwork to the voice acting is well presented and professional in its approach.” (4/5 Stars) (German)

QuestZone.RU (80/100) (Russian)

adventure-treff (75%) (German) (75%) (Czech)

Adventure Island (7/10) (German)

“A funny and graphically nice game with great puzzles and a original hint function.”

The Storytelling Dream-Thief

“… my voyage through Jolly Rover has been one of surprise, followed by intense joy. Here is that lost wonder! There is the long-awaited shore of the return of the puzzle point-and-click!”

Gay Gamer

“… Jolly Rover’s wit, humor, and clever puzzles instantly won me over.”