Q. When is it coming out?
It’s out NOW!

Q. How can I get it?
Check out the ‘Buy’ page.

Q. Is this a casual game or an adventure game?
This is an adventure game with casual elements, such as a one click interface, in-built hint and task-tracking system, items to collect and awards/medals.

Q. As a hard core adventure gamer, am I going to find this too game easy?
If you don’t use the hint system at all you should find the game as challenging as any modern adventure game.

Q. Are there action sequences? I’m not that dextrous with my clicker.
There are a couple of points in the game that could laughably be called action sequences, though these are skippable using the hint system.

Q. What style of adventure game is this?
It’s 2D point and click. It follows the Lucas Arts view of adventure games that players should never get stuck if they forgot to pick up something, and there are dialog trees and inventory items.

Q. What genre of adventure game is this?
We’re going for comedy adventure, that’s the plan anyway.

Q. How long does it take to complete the game?
If you rush through the game, skipping through dialog and not selecting all conversation options, then honestly, why are you playing? But doing this should allow you to get through in 4 hours the first time. Average play time will be about 4-8 hours, with incentives to replay the game again to collect optional items and experience an additional unlockable feature.

Q. As a parent, would this game be suitable for my children?
As a parent of 2 young children myself, I believe ratings should be used as a guide and the decision is ultimately up to the parent. This game has tentatively been rated PG-13, due to in-context alcohol and tobacco use, plus some innuendo. If you’re okay with them watching The Simpsons, then you should be okay with them playing Jolly Rover.

Q. Collecting items!? Is this a Hidden Object Game?
No, items are found through normal exploration, using inventory on stuff, and sometimes through dialog options.