Warp Frontier Voice Actor Spotlight

Aimee Smith as Juliet Cassini

Next up in the Warp Frontier Voice Actor spotlights is Aimee Smith!

Aimee plays Juliet Cassini. Fierce leader in the war resistance, but whose whereabouts have been a mystery for the last 10 years. Vince never gave up looking for her.

Juliet is a mystery character we hear bits and pieces of throughout the game. I’m purposefully keeping her look vague here to avoid spoilers!

This is the final voice actor spotlight for Warp Frontier. Does it feel like there have been a lot? There have been a lot! You can revisit all 24 of them here.

I probably underestimated the effort required to get all of these done and post about them, like I do with most things, but I’m happy with the result, and I hope people found them interesting.

As this marks the end of the voice actor spotlights, the next adventure is getting some testers into the game, which I’ll start collating next week, but hit me up if you’re interested and can dedicate some time to the game.

Warp Frontier is available to wishlist now on Steam!

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