Midweek Madness!

Good morning! I just logged into Steam to check out a fix I finally made for Jolly Rover on Lion (cats and dogs, eh), and the Midweek Madness image popped up with a very familiar looking parrot heading the sale!

Then I remembered, “That’s right!” I asked Steam if they would like to do this, and they were quick to respond. Essentially I wanted to put Jolly Rover in an awesome Indie Adventure bundle with some of Dave Gilbert’s games, and possibly Machinarium, and lo and behold, Jolly Rover is in the bundle with none other than the award winning Gemini Rue, and Machinarium, along with games I simply must try – Lume, and Tiny Bang Story.

The bundle ends this Friday, and if you haven’t played any of the games in this bundle, you know what to do! (I’m asking you to buy it! Was that clear?)

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