MacGuffin’s Curse Launch!

In the wee hours of this morning, Ben and Alastair put the icing on the new MacGuffin’s Curse Official website, which is the culmination of this long labour of love.

Not only that, but we let a new trailer drop this morning, which started life as a joke at GDC. I remember Alastair framing the air with his hands, describing how we could play up the fact that Ben got some feedback from Double Fine‘s Tim Schafer on some of his writing, and subsequently a little of that feedback went into the game in the form of one line of dialogue. A small thing, really, which is why we hope the trailer can be seen with the necessary good humour.

Also mentioned in the trailer is the wonderfully zen Dave Grossman, whose feedback I have greatly valued ever since Jolly Rover, and who surprised us by getting pretty darn far in MacGuffin’s Curse. Of course, we couldn’t mention Dave and Tim without mentioning Ron, who has, probably wisely, avoided our pestering emails to date. We’ll keep trying Ron, you know we love you =0).

As I write this, MacGuffin’s Curse has released in the App and Mac App stores in Australia, so if you’re on the early side of the dateline, you can grab them now. Our Steam version launches in less than a day.

Oh and if you’d like to see more of Alastair’s considerable talents, please head over to Rubber Chicken Audio.

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4 Responses to MacGuffin’s Curse Launch!

  1. craig says:

    Due to Jolly Roger being such a load of fun, I bought McGuffin’s Curse out of principal to support the talented devs. Heck at only $3.99 why not? Cheaper than a coffee and I’m sure it’ll keep me up longer 🙂

    As an aside – Andrew – I think I may have worked with you at DSTO Fisherman’s Bend back in the 90s! Keep up the good work and living the dream mate!

  2. Mark Crowe says:

    Hi Andrew- I happened to have read your comments on a recent article by Al Lowe about returning to humor in games. Your comments certainly resonated with me and Scott Murphy. I personally agree with your statements and think it would be foolish for us not to recognize and study to work that adventure game developers like yourself have carried on with in our absence. We WILL be playing your games as part of our research and thank YOU for keeping the adventure torch lit.


    • Andrew says:

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks so much for posting, and for your kind words. You guys are heroes of mine! Wandering around Space Quest 2’s opening scenes for months is permanently burned into my brain (I couldn’t get past the swamp for the longest time!). I still remember being insanely excited when Space Quest 3 came out, as only a kid can, especially the beautiful opening sequence and hearing Roger’s voice for the first time. The humor in Space Quest was part of the inspiration for Jolly Rover, if you can see past the Monkey Island references, I nearly went as far as to include comedic deaths, but the budget just wasn’t there. Feel free to hit me up with an email anytime, I’m always happy to talk adventure game design.

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