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MacGuffin’s Curse and Jolly Rover drop DRM

Yes, I know Jolly Rover has been available DRM Free on Desura since the hugely successful Indie Royale Bundle, but the big news is that MacGuffin’s Curse is also coming out with a DRM Free version! And that’s not all! … finish reading MacGuffin’s Curse and Jolly Rover drop DRM

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MacGuffin’s Curse Launch!

In the wee hours of this morning, Ben and Alastair put the icing on the new MacGuffin’s Curse Official website, which is the culmination of this long labour of love. Not only that, but we let a new trailer drop … finish reading MacGuffin’s Curse Launch!

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Midweek Madness!

Good morning! I just logged into Steam to check out a fix I finally made for Jolly Rover on Lion (cats and dogs, eh), and the Midweek Madness image popped up with a very familiar looking parrot heading the sale! … finish reading Midweek Madness!

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…and a MacGuffin New Year

Goodness! 2012 already? Well, considering we’re talking about dates, let’s start with the most important one: MacGuffin’s Curse will release on April 19th, 2012. Our Steam version of the game, featuring controller support (yes, for PC AND Mac), is pretty … finish reading …and a MacGuffin New Year

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MacGuffin’s Curse on Steam this Halloween

There were all manner of Steam puns I was considering with this title, but I didn’t want to trivialise the significance of this. MacGuffin’s Curse is going to be on Steam! If you’ve been following the project, you’ll know that … finish reading MacGuffin’s Curse on Steam this Halloween

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I’ve Got a Summer Ticket

Oh yes, we kind of had to keep this quiet until it was official, but you can earn yourself a Steam Summer Sale Prize Ticket with Jolly Rover! So if there wasn’t enough of a reason for you to give … finish reading I’ve Got a Summer Ticket

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Summer Sale (in Winter)

It’s that time of year again! Steam is having a craaaazeee sale, meaning that bargains are to be had. Lucky it’s online and not a physical store, otherwise you’d be getting those terrible situations where people get crushed to death … finish reading Summer Sale (in Winter)

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’tis the Season to be Jolly…

The Jolly Rover Steam Key is on sale for 50% off for two weeks starting today!  Mathematics dictates that this is an excellent bargain no matter which way you slice it, so now would be the perfect time for you to grab a … finish reading ’tis the Season to be Jolly…

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So, a funny thing I’ve found out in the last week or so is there are some folks that really hate Steam. I don’t understand this, but I don’t really have to, because people can get the game from so … finish reading Anti-Steam?

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Jolly Rover Released!

The wait is over! You can buy Jolly Rover here for $19.95! This will take you to a secure order page run by BMT Micro, which accepts just about any online payment method you can think of. After purchase, you’ll … finish reading Jolly Rover Released!

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