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MacGuffin’s Curse launch party!

Lower your expectations! We’re having a “launch party” for MacGuffin’s Curse! Okay, so what we’re actually doing is piggy backing on the very cool and well planned IGDA Melbourne event on Tuesday April 10th at The Workers Club, cnr Brunswick … finish reading MacGuffin’s Curse launch party!

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Press Start to Play

With GDC fast approaching we’ve been hard at work sending out emails to all press, great and small, to entice them into taking an interest in MacGuffin’s Curse, and possibly writing an article, interview, preview or review. Marketing and PR … finish reading Press Start to Play

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Brawsome’s mega-GDC 2012 experience

Holy crap, I haven’t posted on this thing in ages! I’m sorry. But working 60+ hour weeks to get MacGuffin done and hold down my other contract work and trying to do the family thing has stretched my time a … finish reading Brawsome’s mega-GDC 2012 experience

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…and a MacGuffin New Year

Goodness! 2012 already? Well, considering we’re talking about dates, let’s start with the most important one: MacGuffin’s Curse will release on April 19th, 2012. Our Steam version of the game, featuring controller support (yes, for PC AND Mac), is pretty … finish reading …and a MacGuffin New Year

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Press Roundup

It’s been so quiet today that I can only assume two things – 1) the team is madly working towards hitting the prototype milestone or 2) they’ve fled the country, or possibly died of exhaustion. Okay, three things. So while … finish reading Press Roundup

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DIY Press

Well, what do you know! DIY Gamer, from the media we met during GDC, has done a short writeup on MacGuffin’s Curse! Unfortunately their site seems to be having a bit of technical trouble, so here’s some nice quotes tracked … finish reading DIY Press

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Oh, What a Weekend

Well, GDC has finished for the week, sending our collective marble back to the apartment for an exciting weekend involving high fructose corn syrup and clam chowder. We certainly can’t argue that it wasn’t productive. Well, we can, but I … finish reading Oh, What a Weekend

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GDC Jitterbugs

In less than 48 hours Ben and I will be on a plane to GDC! Which bugs me because I can’t work on MacGuffin and no-one will do my job while I’m away – wah! But I SUPPOSE GDC is … finish reading GDC Jitterbugs

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Advance Screening

While in the midst of packing, design, programming and lining up interviews, we decided that we had too much free time, and had a chat to Jason Hill of The Age’s Screen Play about MacGuffin’s Curse. We talk a little … finish reading Advance Screening

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Contracts, Legal and Licenses! Oh my!

Even though we’ve been working on MacGuffin’s Curse since about September last year, this week has been the first ‘official’ week on the project. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all fun and games though! This week has been about … finish reading Contracts, Legal and Licenses! Oh my!

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