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It’s been so quiet today that I can only assume two things – 1) the team is madly working towards hitting the prototype milestone or 2) they’ve fled the country, or possibly died of exhaustion. Okay, three things.

So while the busy beavers are working away I’ve decided to do a press roundup of all the GDC press we’ve got on MacGuffin’s Curse. It’ll be like one of those flashback episodes we all love so much.

I want to make a special mention of the coverage we got recently on Adventure Gamers. There are many reasons why this is an awesome article, for one it does the basics right like getting everything spelled correctly, especially the game name and our names – you wouldn’t believe how often this simple step is overlooked. It also has all the game facts correct, another big tick; and then goes on to discuss the features of the game in a good amount of detail, even referring back to our previous game – Jolly Rover. It’s these kind of articles you always hope for, and being an indie developer we cherish a good bit of press.

The other recent bit of press we got was a video by GameSpot AU. This was taken at GDC, and I’d given the spiel about MacGuffin’s Curse about 20 time since then, so you can be sure it was still fresh and interesting for me. This is a well produced and easy to digest summary of MacGuffin’s Curse if you haven’t already read anything about it, well worth a look.

The rest of the roundup:
5th March – MacWorld (Another good article)
5th March – Touch Arcade
22nd March – DIY Gamer (article swallowed by a server crash) but they did have some nice things to say.

Pre-GDC there’s also a few interviews:
25th January – Brimbank Weekly
17th February – Gamezebo
22nd February – ScreenPlay

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