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Well, what do you know! DIY Gamer, from the media we met during GDC, has done a short writeup on MacGuffin’s Curse! Unfortunately their site seems to be having a bit of technical trouble, so here’s some nice quotes tracked down from Google Cache instead:

On the game:

From the pre-alpha build we saw using placeholder sprites (mainly from Jolly Rover), the game is a series of push-puzzles where MacGuffin must move batteries into power outlets to open doors and reveal treasure. MacGuffin will be sent on missions by his landlord and battle the puzzles set forth by the main villain who has locked down the city.

On the art style:

The most striking aspect of this new game from Brawsome is the fantastic comic-style. Their artist has created wonderful characters that feel unique and interesting from all sides. The game’s story is told through portrait cut-scenes that are beautifully hand-painted. The game’s developers claim the style is so unique because they pulled the artist from outside of the games industry, thus bringing in a fresh perspective. From the early portrait work and concepts, they’re absolutely right. The new style in the game is great.

We appreciate the positive press, and hope to have more to show soon!

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