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…and a MacGuffin New Year

Goodness! 2012 already? Well, considering we’re talking about dates, let’s start with the most important one: MacGuffin’s Curse will release on April 19th, 2012. Our Steam version of the game, featuring controller support (yes, for PC AND Mac), is pretty … finish reading …and a MacGuffin New Year

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MacGuffin’s Curse Trailer

We’ve been holding our cards close to our chest, but now we’re ready to show off a bit of MacGuffin’s Curse in action. Enjoy this trailer, which should give you a taste of the game: In other news, we’ve created … finish reading MacGuffin’s Curse Trailer

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Screen Australia Funding

Breathe a sigh of relief at the lack of a punny headline! And read up on our good news! Earlier this year, we put in an application with Screen Australia for additional funding (along with about seventy-nine other applicants). We … finish reading Screen Australia Funding

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Dead Men Tell No Sales

It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day again! You may be wondering why I’m not writing this in pirate lingo – well, it says nothing about WRITING. But let’s celebrate anyway! Effective immediately, Jolly Rover is now available at the … finish reading Dead Men Tell No Sales

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How To Write More Good

Erk! Apologies for the gap in bloggy posts. It turns out we weren’t doing much, oh, just GETTING NOMINATED FOR BEST WRITING! Very exciting news, this. Freeplay looks like it’s going to be a hurly-burly hive of activity. Not only … finish reading How To Write More Good

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I’ve Got a Summer Ticket

Oh yes, we kind of had to keep this quiet until it was official, but you can earn yourself a Steam Summer Sale Prize Ticket with Jolly Rover! So if there wasn’t enough of a reason for you to give … finish reading I’ve Got a Summer Ticket

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Summer Sale (in Winter)

It’s that time of year again! Steam is having a craaaazeee sale, meaning that bargains are to be had. Lucky it’s online and not a physical store, otherwise you’d be getting those terrible situations where people get crushed to death … finish reading Summer Sale (in Winter)

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I’m Awesome At This Game!

One of the things I learned early on during my game developer career is that it’s always important to reward your player. I’m not just talking about things you’d expect, such as unlockable content, finding new items that help you … finish reading I’m Awesome At This Game!

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Meet Your Landlord

The MacGuffin’s Curse Characters page has been updated with a new character – Lucas’ slimy, miserable landlord, Harvey Filks. As well as being a foil for Lucas, Harvey runs the local shop where you can purchase a large variety of … finish reading Meet Your Landlord

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Who’s Who of Feyre

Interested in finding out a bit more about the characters in MacGuffin’s Curse? Of course you are! Head on over to the Characters page to find out more about Lucas as well as a few more characters. Not all of … finish reading Who’s Who of Feyre

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