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Images From Feyre

Hey all! We’ve been itching to show you how the game’s been going for a while – so here’s a bit of a look at some of the work our fantastic artists have put together. Not being an artist myself, … finish reading Images From Feyre

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Dev Blog Easter Break

What with the Mac App Store busyness this week compounded with the additional busyness of working on MacGuffin’s Curse, there will be no Development Blog post this week. Have a good holiday, whether by yourself, with family or friends. See … finish reading Dev Blog Easter Break

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Jolly Rover Release Due a Bit Earlier!

Rip up your diaries and shout at your secretaries, because that Mac App Store date you got for Jolly Rover is now wrong. Instead, it’s now coming out a whole day earlier, on Thursday the 14th of April! So if … finish reading Jolly Rover Release Due a Bit Earlier!

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Sound Advice

Today I began the dreaded task of telling our sound designer how long the sounds we’ve requested need to be. This doesn’t sound too difficult, does it? “Gimme a twang with a burble in it“, maybe you think. “And one … finish reading Sound Advice

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DIY Press

Well, what do you know! DIY Gamer, from the media we met during GDC, has done a short writeup on MacGuffin’s Curse! Unfortunately their site seems to be having a bit of technical trouble, so here’s some nice quotes tracked … finish reading DIY Press

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Gameplay – A Game’s DNA

We’ve gotten back into the swing of things after our trip from GDC, and it has been a busy but productive week. Just take a look at the image below, which, as I’m sure you know, is a work in … finish reading Gameplay – A Game’s DNA

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Oh, What a Weekend

Well, GDC has finished for the week, sending our collective marble back to the apartment for an exciting weekend involving high fructose corn syrup and clam chowder. We certainly can’t argue that it wasn’t productive. Well, we can, but I … finish reading Oh, What a Weekend

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Advance Screening

While in the midst of packing, design, programming and lining up interviews, we decided that we had too much free time, and had a chat to Jason Hill of The Age’s Screen Play about MacGuffin’s Curse. We talk a little … finish reading Advance Screening

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Visual Arts

Another week has gone by, and of course, more progress has been made. Stuff like room-to-room transitions, object pushing and collision have gone into the game (as well as some basic UI tests and functionality) but unfortunately, this is never … finish reading Visual Arts

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MacGuffin’s Curse Page Launched

Just a quick heads-up – our game page for MacGuffin’s Curse has been added, which outlines a bit more information about the game, story and some of the characters. Expect it to be updated as time goes on, but if … finish reading MacGuffin’s Curse Page Launched

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