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I’m Awesome At This Game!

One of the things I learned early on during my game developer career is that it’s always important to reward your player. I’m not just talking about things you’d expect, such as unlockable content, finding new items that help you … finish reading I’m Awesome At This Game!

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Vertical Slice

In game development, a vertical slice refers to a portion of the game that can be considered representative of the final game. I like to think of it as a cross section of a piece of cake, a “vertical slice” … finish reading Vertical Slice

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GUI, UI, and HUD

What do these terms mean to game development? The acronyms, themselves stand for Graphical User Interface, User Interface and Heads Up Display. GUI (goo-ee) and UI (you-eye) can be used interchangeably, and to be honest I’m not expert on correct … finish reading GUI, UI, and HUD

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