Press Start to Play

With GDC fast approaching we’ve been hard at work sending out emails to all press, great and small, to entice them into taking an interest in MacGuffin’s Curse, and possibly writing an article, interview, preview or review. Marketing and PR is the other half of indie development (yes, HALF!) and it all starts with good communication to establish that relationship with people who will let a lot more people know about your game than you ever could. We like to tell stories in our games, and when emailing people we like to give them good stories too, as well as good assets and information in our presskit.

I would estimate that of all the people we contact to check out MacGuffin’s Curse we get about 5-10% respond, so it’s important to contact as many people as we possibly can to take an interest in the game. And considering we’re a teeny-tiny developer with a new game, it can be hard to get noticed with some of the more established media, but we try nonetheless and sometimes it pays off.

If you’d like to write something on the game, or do a review, or even bug your favourite writer about MacGuffin’s Curse we would definitely appreciate it. You can point them to our presskit, but please do get in touch for any additional information or assets, we’ve got a pile of beautiful print-worthy assets ready and waiting. And if you do write something, please let us know so we can shout about it here.

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