Brawsome’s mega-GDC 2012 experience

Holy crap, I haven’t posted on this thing in ages! I’m sorry. But working 60+ hour weeks to get MacGuffin done and hold down my other contract work and trying to do the family thing has stretched my time a little thin. But enough whining, I hear you snort, what’s going on? Nothing? Probably nothing.

Well, actually, it’s a whole heap of SOMETHING! This GDC is going to be Brawsome’s biggest one yet. Not only am I speaking about what went down in the sales department of Jolly Rover, but we’re also going to be showing MacGuffin’s Curse on a GDC Play Kiosk! And if you turn up soon enough, you’ll get a real life MacGuffin’s Curse achievement badge to do whatever you like with, but we recommend pinning it to your jacket/shirt/vest, or someone else’s, preferably with their permission, but we’re not here to judge.

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