MacGuffin’s Curse and Jolly Rover drop DRM

Yes, I know Jolly Rover has been available DRM Free on Desura since the hugely successful Indie Royale Bundle, but the big news is that MacGuffin’s Curse is also coming out with a DRM Free version! And that’s not all! MacGuffin’s Curse’s DRM Free debut is through none other than the Humble Bundle store!

That not enough!? Geez, tough crowd. Okay, well let me tell you also that when you pick up either Jolly Rover or MacGuffin’s Curse through Humble Bundle store, not only do you get links to DRM Free PC and Mac builds, but also your very own Steam key, all in the same purchase. So now you don’t have to choose, you can have you cake and eat it too! (I think that’s the right analogy…)

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4 Responses to MacGuffin’s Curse and Jolly Rover drop DRM

  1. SirPrimalform says:

    (In reply to your Gamezebo post:

    While I hate Steam, I would never hate anyone for putting their games on it. I might resent it a bit if they exclusively put it on Steam, but certainly not just for it being there.

    Having said all that, kudos on the DRM-free-ness! I jumped at the IndieRoyale that had Jolly Rover in and will certainly be looking at MacGuffin’s Curse (hadn’t heard of it until now).

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  3. R Wilkinson says:

    The obvious question: If we’d previously bought the Steam version, can we get the DRM free version now as well? Steam’s OK, but…

    • Andrew says:

      That’s a good question. I don’t mind giving a DRM Free version to those who have bought the game already, but what’s a good way to validate that you have the game on Steam?

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