So, a funny thing I’ve found out in the last week or so is there are some folks that really hate Steam. I don’t understand this, but I don’t really have to, because people can get the game from so many places. However if you’re looking for a non-Steam version of the game, that has a one hour free trial check out these links:



Can I just say as well, that Mac Game Store have been on board with Jolly Rover from the start, and they’ve been awesome, very good to work with and pro-indie. This isn’t to downplay my other distributors, but I just thought they deserved a special mention. They’re also the only Mac-only distributor I have.

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3 Responses to Anti-Steam?

  1. David Rentzel says:

    I have recently become aware of the Internet based service called Steam.
    It is a service designed to sell, service, install and control software.

    A while back, my wife bought a game for my son in Ukraine.
    They had a problem with installing it. So I took a look.
    It was trying to install the Steam program,
    but the computer was not hooked up to the Internet.
    Not knowing what it was, but having a little understanding of what it was
    trying to do, I refused to allow it to be installed.
    This program, bought in Ukraine will not work now that we have moved out
    of that country. That is one of the controls of this program.
    Programs purchased using Steam in the eastern European countries,
    will not work outside those countries.
    So, even if I wanted to install the game, that I purchased, it is not now possible.
    They have denied me that right! They have legally swindled me out of my money!

    Some stores selling software have given notice to software suppliers that they want
    Steam to be removed from the software. (It does not make sense to sell a competitors
    software in your own store) And Electronic Arts has removed Steam from some of their

    In my opinion this service is extremely dangerous to consumers.
    This software has the ability to control WHERE you use software,
    it denies you a hard copy of software (so if it goes under, so does your software),
    (even if you buy a hard copy, it will refuse to run without their authorization)
    it is able to take information about you, and use it for their own interests,
    it could eventually undermine the purchase of software in stores,
    thereby requiring that you install their product on your computer,
    and denies you the ability to run software without an internet connection.

    Any product using this service, requires that you install Steam on your computer,
    and allow it to have free access to the Internet.

    Read the small print on your potential software purchase!

    This product is a devil in sheep’s clothing.
    I strongly urge everyone to avoid software using this program.

    An old petition was started that I will share with you.
    Hopefully it will pick up “steam” and become a force to deal with.

    Please pass this around. I hope that people will understand,
    that despite the convenience of this program, it is a dangerous
    concept for personal privacy, and consumer rights. There are millions
    ( I just checked the Steam site ) of people blindly using this software,
    thinking they are getting a good deal, and not realizing the dangers behind it.


  2. I am the one who also think that this software is dangerous and something that company use to monitor and control consumers . But we are actually buying the game ( in this case ) and I can’t imagine that anyone wants to buy some ad-aware or spyware software with it . I found many games with this Steam and wasn’t able to install some of them ( probably was Steam for some country I don’t live in ) And as consumer is it my fault ? I bought it legally and for that money have to use the software I payed for .

  3. Someone says:

    I also think steam is a dangerous because it will lock you IP so you won’t be able to buy any game until the discount is off,AND after that they will just say we can’t help at all.
    For more information(Login to see):

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