Brawsome New Year!

Brawsome welcomes you with a Happy New Year! 2010 is going to be Brawsome’s biggest year yet, with 2 brand-new, never-seen-before, not-some-licenced-crap, original games coming out mid 2010.

If you’ve been following us on twitter (@brawsome) you’ll know we’re working on another adventure game in addition to the one the Film Vic grant is helping fund. This other project was needed to keep the Brawsome engine firing while the first adventure game project was developed. But that’s not to discount the second project, which is truly awesome in its own right.

This year Brawsome is going to start undertaking a necessary evil – Marketing. So watch this space for news about the first adventure game in the first couple of months of 2010. Or better yet, follow along on twitter @brawsome, for up to the minute updates, like what we thought about Avatar (likes). Even more better yet, boost your indie gamer cred by noticing the option to join the Brawsome mailing list *hint* *hint*.

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I do all the boring stuff that's gotta be done so I get to do fun stuff sometimes.
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