Warp Frontier Voice Actor Spotlight

Andrew Goulding as MAC

The next Voice Actor spotlight is… me. Honestly, I just need to do this for my completion bonus.

MAC is Vince’s robot partner, and observer. MAC has an up and down relationship with Vince, due to his unflappable positivity and strict adherance to protocol.

I play MAC as a somewhat androgynous mashup of HAL and C-3PO.

I have created lots of placeholder VO before, and even got to record at Bad Animals Studio in Seattle while working on a prototype for Amazon Game Studios, which is where some of my favourite bands have recorded, including Soundgarden, Nirvana and Pearl Jam! Putting myself in my own game was mostly a cost saving measure, but I would be remiss to say there isn’t a little ego in there, and both a question and challenge to myself as to whether I could sound okay alongside seasoned professionals.

Warp Frontier is now available to wishlist on Steam#

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I do all the boring stuff that's gotta be done so I get to do fun stuff sometimes.
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