Finally got around to putting up the Wallpapers page for Jolly Rover, check it out by directing your eyes to the menu on the left! The wallpapers currently come in 1024×768, 1280×1024 and 1680×1050 flavours, if you want any higher than that, buy a poster from the zazzle store =0).

What else… what else… oh! There’s a mighty long interview with me on Jolly Rover on the Indie Games Channel. Jolly Rover is also reviewed quite nicely in this months edition (#180) of PC Power Play, and appears right next to Puzzle Bots! Small world…

Aaand… there’s now a Mac demo of the game directly available from the Jolly Rover website. I recommend this because it directs you to MY buy page =0P. Tell your friends, impress your enemies!

And finally! Jolly Rover has been entered into the IGF! Just being one of the finalists in the IGF (Independent Games Festival) would be a HUGE (Humongous Undulating Giants Eyeball) deal for me, so please send some positive vibes my way!

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