Jolly Rover in Indie Royale Bundle

Even now, nearly two years after release, I’m so happy to still be able to announce new things for Jolly Rover. First and foremost, is it’s in the latest Indie Royale Bundle (PC/Mac), which is St Patrick’s Day themed. I can’t exactly explain how Jolly Rover fits into this, maybe it’s the green pants?! I was fortunate enough to chat with Simon Carless about it at GDC, and it turns out he’s a big fan of adventure games, which is why you might see a skew towards adventure on the Indie Royale Bundles. No problems there! With Double Fine securing over $3.3M for their next game the future of adventure looks bright!

By the way, the bundle will be on sale for 5 days only, it’s a great chance to check out some of the other awesome games in the bundle you might not have heard of. I particularly like the look of DLC Quest.

Also of importance, is that this is the first legit DRM Free version of Jolly Rover, and after the bundle has finished it will remain on Desura in all it’s DRM free glory! Desura currently has an exclusive on the DRM free version, but I will no doubt be getting a DRM free version available here in the near future, probably some time after MacGuffin’s Curse launches on April 19.

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4 Responses to Jolly Rover in Indie Royale Bundle

  1. Explorer says:

    I got this bundle because I was interested in one of the other games and decided to install Jolly Rover out of curiosity. I was pleasantly surprised and I really love the game so far. Although I spend many hours gaming, I haven’t touched adventure games for years (I used to be a big fan in my teens) and it is nice to have that feel of challenge and accomplishment these games give you return. Very nice art , characters and story. Great work guys !

    • Andrew says:

      Always very reassuring to hear people enjoying the game! Motivates me to have a crack at making more =0)

  2. Redi says:

    I got Jolly Rover as part of the Indie Royale bundle and decided to install it this morning. I enjoyed the heck out of it! Yes, enjoyed… I ended up having so much fun, I went through to the end of the game in one day (though not one sitting).

    Thanks for making Jolly Rover! It was a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve put together with >a href=””>MacGuffin.

  3. Redi says:

    Bagh, curse me and me scurvy html.



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