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Boy, a lot seems to happen between updates, which is a good thing! But means I have less time to focus on other things, such as writing, design, and most importantly, trying to get more funding to develop games.

It’s been a year for awesome events, the first being the release of Jolly Rover, and now this article I wrote appearing on Gamasutra – State Of The Point-and-Click Art. Also of note was being able to catch up with the super-nice Dave Grossman at GDC and at least get emails back from several ex Lucas Arts and Sierra adventure game greats (not Ron Gilbert though, but I won’t give up!).

Currently though, I’m in a lull, I suppose it’s post-project blues, with an indefinite start date for when I can start implementing new ideas again, but I’m always chasing up different avenues of making game development a reality, like the Indie Fund.

Oh right! Cool stuff. Jolly Rover was reviewed well on PC Gamezone (7.5), Jay Is Games, and Game Shark (B). If you’d like to be awesome, jump on Jay Is Games and vote for Jolly Rover, and leave nice comments under the other reviews.

Finally, and I just found out about this today. Jolly Rover is now up and about on the Adventure Store!

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