Press Start to Play

With GDC fast approaching we’ve been hard at work sending out emails to all press, great and small, to entice them into taking an interest in MacGuffin’s Curse, and possibly writing an article, interview, preview or review. Marketing and PR is the other half of indie development (yes, HALF!) and it all starts with good communication to establish that relationship with people who will let a lot more people know about your game than you ever could. We like to tell stories in our games, and when emailing people we like to give them good stories too, as well as good assets and information in our presskit.

I would estimate that of all the people we contact to check out MacGuffin’s Curse we get about 5-10% respond, so it’s important to contact as many people as we possibly can to take an interest in the game. And considering we’re a teeny-tiny developer with a new game, it can be hard to get noticed with some of the more established media, but we try nonetheless and sometimes it pays off.

If you’d like to write something on the game, or do a review, or even bug your favourite writer about MacGuffin’s Curse we would definitely appreciate it. You can point them to our presskit, but please do get in touch for any additional information or assets, we’ve got a pile of beautiful print-worthy assets ready and waiting. And if you do write something, please let us know so we can shout about it here.

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Brawsome’s mega-GDC 2012 experience

Holy crap, I haven’t posted on this thing in ages! I’m sorry. But working 60+ hour weeks to get MacGuffin done and hold down my other contract work and trying to do the family thing has stretched my time a little thin. But enough whining, I hear you snort, what’s going on? Nothing? Probably nothing.

Well, actually, it’s a whole heap of SOMETHING! This GDC is going to be Brawsome’s biggest one yet. Not only am I speaking about what went down in the sales department of Jolly Rover, but we’re also going to be showing MacGuffin’s Curse on a GDC Play Kiosk! And if you turn up soon enough, you’ll get a real life MacGuffin’s Curse achievement badge to do whatever you like with, but we recommend pinning it to your jacket/shirt/vest, or someone else’s, preferably with their permission, but we’re not here to judge.

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…and a MacGuffin New Year

Goodness! 2012 already? Well, considering we’re talking about dates, let’s start with the most important one: MacGuffin’s Curse will release on April 19th, 2012. Our Steam version of the game, featuring controller support (yes, for PC AND Mac), is pretty much ready to go (but we’re still checking it to make sure no more nasty bugs pop up). From here on, we’ll be starting to focus on the iPad version of the game, to ensure that iPad users get just a fun experience as their PC and Mac friends!

As usual, we’ll also be at this year’s GDC, which of course will be immensely busy, meaning we will barely get any time to go to any talks. Bah!

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MacGuffin’s Curse Trailer

We’ve been holding our cards close to our chest, but now we’re ready to show off a bit of MacGuffin’s Curse in action. Enjoy this trailer, which should give you a taste of the game:

In other news, we’ve created an Indie DB page for MacGuffin’s Curse, featuring the trailer and some nice new screens. So check it out, and tell your friends!

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Screen Australia Funding

Breathe a sigh of relief at the lack of a punny headline! And read up on our good news! Earlier this year, we put in an application with Screen Australia for additional funding (along with about seventy-nine other applicants). We received a response from Screen Australia that the round of funding would be “very challenging”, but hey presto, guess what! We were approved, possibly due to all of those musical Christmas Cards I sent them.

But enough of that – this means that we get more time to work on MacGuffin’s Curse (and afford to live – oh, the glamourous lifestyle of independent game development!). In the end, it means that instead of MacGuffin’s Curse being a good game, it can be a great game.

And really, that’s what we’re all trying to do here, now, isn’t it?

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Dead Men Tell No Sales

It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day again! You may be wondering why I’m not writing this in pirate lingo – well, it says nothing about WRITING. But let’s celebrate anyway!

Effective immediately, Jolly Rover is now available at the lucrative price of only $4.99! That’s cheaper than all of this stuff! Still not satisfied? Well then, here’s a picture of Tim Curry pointing a pistol at Kermit the Gorf Frog:

You don't need an alt tag for this one. It's TIM CURRY WITH MUPPETS.

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Freelance Journalists

A while back on the MacGuffin’s Curse facebook page we asked YOU for your best “Odd Spot” to go on our MacGuffin’s Curse profile selection page. We thought it was about time to close this off and announce the winners of this competition and their winning entries.

“The antelope mating ritual includes a macarena-style dance.”
– Jason Hill

“The common mushroom does 24 miles per pint of beer.”
– Caswal Parker

“80% of people are a minority.”
– Trent Gribble

“Tortoises are more likely to eat sushi than turtles.”
– Hunter Marsh Mallow

“Bananas are the only fruit to win the tour de france.”
– Hunter Marsh Mallow

“A lightning bolt would weigh more than lead if it was in a bottle.”
– Jason Hill

The above winners were chosen for their delightful oddness, and will get their name in the credits under the title “Freelance Journalists”. If any of the above mentioned winners do not want their name in the credits (crazy, I know), please contact us at Brawsome and give us what for.

I’d also like to make a special shout out Alastair Craig, who would easily have made this list had he not already contributed an awesome amount of writing to the project and is subsequently getting a coveted “Additional Writing” credit.

If your entry didn’t get through this time don’t fret, you’re a winner just for taking the time to make an entry. Better than all those non-entrants. Jerks.

For a full list of all the awesome people that entered, see here!

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MacGuffin’s Curse wins Best Game Writing at Freeplay11

After an evening of high nerves and tension, broken by interludes of comedic catharsis, MacGuffin’s Curse took away the award for Best Game Writing at the Freeplay11 awards. Of all the awards on offer, the Best Game Writing award was the one we placed the highest value on. Not only because it’s something that rarely has its own award, which in itself is a shame, but because it’s the one area where Brawsome feels it can compete at the same level with other games, though on a much smaller scale than AAA titles.

The quality of writing is arguably one of the most subjective areas of games, which is especially true when you’re at the coalface knocking out words you hope people will enjoy. To some it is also one of the least necessary areas of game development, which is probably why it’s something that is rarely awarded in mainstream competitions, though this is thankfully changing.

Something that really makes us proud of this award is that MacGuffin’s Curse is a comedy, an area of writing that might not hold the same weight as a more serious drama or even action title. I would argue that comedy is the most difficult area to write in, which is especially so for games; on a broader level I see this as a win for comedy writing in games as a valid and worthwhile pursuit.

Now, as we’ve been told numerous times over the course of Freeplay11, we’ve really got to knuckle down and finish the thing!

Oh and I’ll just take this opportunity quickly to point out the facebook page for MacGuffin’s Cuse. Please show it some Like Love.

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MacGuffin’s Curse Sneaky Peek!

Well with MacGuffin’s Curse up for Best Writing at Freeplay this weekend and the team rushing to hit the Beta milestone some time this side of August you’d think there was plenty going on already right? Wrong!

The team at MMGN have been hounding us (yes, I went there), for a look at MacGuffin’s Curse for weeks now, and this week they finally wore us down enough that we relented, and boy are we glad we did! Becuse they made this awesome little sneak preview video of the game. Check it out now! I’ll wait.

Oh, and if you’re on a non-flash compatible device, check out this direct link to the YouTube video.

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How To Write More Good

Erk! Apologies for the gap in bloggy posts. It turns out we weren’t doing much, oh, just GETTING NOMINATED FOR BEST WRITING! Very exciting news, this. Freeplay looks like it’s going to be a hurly-burly hive of activity. Not only will we be up for an award, but you, the terrifying public, will also get to take a look at MacGuffin’s Curse! Exciting, no? (Let me help you along, this is immensely exciting.)

And, AND! Not only that, but we’ll also be at a Freeplay session, where we reminisce about older times (earlier in the year), Andrew acts all professional-like, and I either clam up or have a meltdown on-panel. Fun for all ages!

So come on down and see us! Or don’t. If you don’t, it doesn’t put me out. Because you won’t be there. See? Your plans have failed!

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