Just Another Point n Click Adventure Re-release

One surprising thing about Just Another Point n Click Adventure is that people keep playing it. Now, I’m not saying it’s not a good game, but the kids these days aren’t into the low-res adventures where you have to use your brain a bit, so it constantly surprises me that people are still picking it up.

Over the years the one standout thing that I’ve been emailed about is a few bugs that only happen on certain machine configurations. I have been meaning to go through and fix them for ages, but I always seem to have something else taking up my time. So I’ve finally bitten the bullet and updated the game to the latest version of Adventure Game Studio. Not only that, but I’ve gone through all dialog in the game and fixed up the grammar and spelling. We have full stops and capital ‘I’s now! Praise be, your deity!

So now what I quietly refer to as an ‘indie classic adventure’ is now playable on your fancy Vista box with your Gigs of RAM and shuttle powering video cards. And yes it’s free! Because I haven’t found a way to make people pay for it. If you think I could get some money for this, GET IN TOUCH!

Download it right now here, or go to the games page to find out more.

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