Freelance Journalists

A while back on the MacGuffin’s Curse facebook page we asked YOU for your best “Odd Spot” to go on our MacGuffin’s Curse profile selection page. We thought it was about time to close this off and announce the winners of this competition and their winning entries.

“The antelope mating ritual includes a macarena-style dance.”
– Jason Hill

“The common mushroom does 24 miles per pint of beer.”
– Caswal Parker

“80% of people are a minority.”
– Trent Gribble

“Tortoises are more likely to eat sushi than turtles.”
– Hunter Marsh Mallow

“Bananas are the only fruit to win the tour de france.”
– Hunter Marsh Mallow

“A lightning bolt would weigh more than lead if it was in a bottle.”
– Jason Hill

The above winners were chosen for their delightful oddness, and will get their name in the credits under the title “Freelance Journalists”. If any of the above mentioned winners do not want their name in the credits (crazy, I know), please contact us at Brawsome and give us what for.

I’d also like to make a special shout out Alastair Craig, who would easily have made this list had he not already contributed an awesome amount of writing to the project and is subsequently getting a coveted “Additional Writing” credit.

If your entry didn’t get through this time don’t fret, you’re a winner just for taking the time to make an entry. Better than all those non-entrants. Jerks.

For a full list of all the awesome people that entered, see here!

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