MacGuffin’s Curse Treasury!

What horrors await you in Alphonse’s Treasury? Find out in this free update for MacGuffin’s Curse, which is on sale for 50% off today only! You might have thought Alphonse was an egotistical homicidal megalomaniac before, but nothing thus far has prepared you for what you’ll find in his his inner sanctum!

Warning: Contents of the treasury update cannot be unseen!

Aside from the fact that you might need to go and watch The Ring to get a good night’s sleep again, the Treasury update also adds:

  • 13 lovingly hand-stitched rooms with more of the MacGuffin trademark humor and puzzles
  • 9 unique items to be fleeced for in Harvey’s shop
  • 5 side quests
  • 2 inventory items of polarizing awesomeness
  • 1 achievement of questionable copyright
  • Loads of dialogue, including new developer commentary

This update is now available to all those who have already supported the game with their purchase, simply because we think they’re swell, and we don’t believe in stinging them for new content for a game they’ve already bought. What? You haven’t bought it yet? That’s okay, grab a DRM Free copy for PC & Mac with additional Steam key here. Or buy a copy for your BFF. They’re your BFF after all, don’t be so stingy!

iOS and Mac App Store users. We’ve crammed this update into Apple’s system, and it’s currently working it’s way through. We’re not sure when the shocking new content will be approved and pop out the other end, or come back up for changes, but when it does, you’ll know.

Oh and finally, if you like the fine Treasury art by the talented Paul Bowers, you can get your very own copy in your desired dimensions below

iPhone (640x960)

iPad (1024x768)

Widescreen (1280x1024)

HD 1080p (1920x1080)

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6 Responses to MacGuffin’s Curse Treasury!

  1. Andrew W says:

    Loved the update. It was good to return to the game. It’s one of my favorite genres and is seriously neglected nowadays.

    Only problem is that I had 100% prior to downloading the treasury. I cleared out all the rooms and handed in the quest, got the achievement, and I’m only at 99% now.

    Is there something I missed?

    • Andrew says:

      Thanks man! There was a bug with completion actually. It would be possible to get 100% and have still missed a room or sidequest. I fixed that in this update, so maybe there’s a room or sidequest that you’re missing?

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  3. lew says:

    Hi! I dont get it… where can i download Alphonse’s Treasury for my Steam version of game?
    Actually I’m really stuck at MacGuffin’s Curse and cant find help. I made a post at:

    MacGuffin’s Curse is ok, but I liked Jolly Rover more. 🙂

    • Andrew says:

      Hi lew, I see you resolved the issue already. Thanks for your comments =0). I’m a fan of adventure games myself, now I have to figure out a way to fund a new one!

  4. lew says:

    Yes, I just completed the game, but had to look help from walkthrough 3-4 times.
    As I understand, Alphonse’s Treasury update came automatically for Steam.
    Btw, I have the same issue as Andrew W – I have “only” 99%. No idea, whats missing. I have all achievements and 990 credits extra. I have no prob with it – I’m done with the game. Just maybe there is new bug…

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